ASE Market BriefASE Close -17.24 pts down at 2,140.67, with value 7,957,800
The ASE General Index closed down by -12.89pts at 2,127.73

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Other ASE sector indicies showed mostly similar performance with the other indices.
bank index closing down -1.18% at 4,261.56, the services index closing down-0.24% at 1,633.21, the insurance index closing down -0.05% at 2,073.50, and the industrial index closing down -0.13% at 1,969.08. Try your Lucky by visiting NZ games.

The market recorded trading value of JD 8,204,904 for the day with a total of 8,831,318 shares which exchanged hands through 3,054 trading contracts. Try your luck by accessing casino virtuel in order to find out how to gain some extra cash, you also more than welcome to visit USA online casino for more ads.

Sector Index Change
General 2,159.42 0.58 % 
Banks 4,290.83 0.31 % 
Insurance 1,991.85 0.30 % 
Services 1,770.81 0.46 % 
Industry 1,851.80 1.50 %